Hiestand Savoury Puffs (Raw Dough)

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Introducing Hiestand Savory Puffs, a delectable collection of flavors that bring a world of taste to your palate. These puffs are perfect for those seeking a savory sensation, with options that cater to a variety of preferences.

Our Curry Potato Turnover Puffs are a flavorful tribute to the rich spices of curry, combining tender potatoes in a flaky pastry for an explosion of taste. The Sardine Puffs offer a unique blend of the ocean’s bounty with a savory twist, providing a delightful surprise with each bite. Our Tuna Puffs add a touch of the sea to your savory indulgence, featuring tender tuna in a buttery pastry for a taste that’s simply unforgettable.

Perfect as a snack or as a satisfying accompaniment to your meals, our Savory Puffs offer a world of flavors in every bite. Whether you prefer the zesty curry, the ocean’s delight, or the comforting taste of tuna, each puff is a savory delight.

This product is delivered to you in Raw Dough form. Each unit needs to be thawed and then baked in an oven before serving.

This product is available in several  variants:

  • Curry Potato Turnover Puff (Unit Weight 80g, 90 units per box)
  • Sardine Puff (Unit Weight 80g, 100 units per box)
  • Tuna Puff (Unit Weight 80g, 100 units per box)

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Curry Potato Turnover, Sardine, Tuna


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