Hiestand Burger & Sausage Buns (Thaw & Serve)

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Introducing Hiestand’s Burger & Sausage Buns, a line designed for convenience and taste. This series features a versatile range including Regular Burger Buns, Sausage Buns, Hoagie Buns, Charcoal Buns, and English Muffin varieties, offering the perfect canvas for a world of culinary creations.

The Burger Buns are the classic choice, providing a soft, fluffy texture that beautifully cradles your burger or sandwich fillings. The Sausage Buns are tailor-made for your sausages and hot dogs, offering a portable and delicious option for your favorite toppings. The Hoagie Buns deliver a hearty, sub-style experience, perfect for hoagie sandwiches packed with your choice of ingredients. For a unique twist, our Charcoal Buns feature a striking black hue and a slight smokiness, elevating the presentation of your meal. Lastly, the English Muffin Buns bring a delightful twist to your breakfast sandwich, with their nooks and crannies perfect for holding your eggs, bacon, and more.

This product is delivered to you ready to thaw and serve. These only need to be defrosted, and warmed up before serving.

This product is available in several variants:

  • Burger Bun Seeded (Medium) (Unit Weight 58g, 60 units per box)
  • Burger Bun Seeded (Large) (Unit Weight 88g, 32 units per box)
  • Burger Bun Plain (Unit Weight 58g, 60 units per box)
  • Sausage Bun (Unit Weight 58g, 48 units per box)
  • Burger Bun Oblong (Unit Weight 58g, 56 units per box)
  • Hoagie Bun (Unit Weight 77g, 48 units per box)
  • Glazed Bun Brioche Style (Unit Weight 73-80g, 40 units per box)
  • Charcoal Bun (Unit Weight 73g, 40 units per box)
  • English Muffin (Unit Weight 58g, 120 units per box)

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Burger Bun Seeded (Medium), Burger Bun Seeded (Large), Burger Bun Plain, Sausage Bun, Burger Bun Oblong, Hoagie Bun, Glazed Bun Brioche Style, Charcoal Bun, English Muffin


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