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Introducing Hiestand Pound Cakes, where simplicity meets indulgence in four fan-favourite flavors: Chocolate, Marble, Pandan, and Vanilla. These cakes are a timeless treat, with each flavor crafted to perfection and ready to elevate your dessert experience.

The Chocolate Pound Cake boasts a rich, velvety taste that melts in your mouth. The Marble Pound Cake takes you on a journey with a perfect blend of chocolate and vanilla, offering the best of both worlds. For a touch of tropical delight, our Pandan Pound Cake brings a unique and vibrant flavor that’s simply irresistible. Finally, the classic Vanilla Pound Cake offers a warm, comforting sweetness that’s always in style.

This product is delivered to you in ready to thaw and serve. These only need to be thawed for about 30 minutes at room temperature before serving.

Try this product in these delicious flavours:

  • Chocolate (Unit Weight 300g, 20 units per box)
  • Marble (Unit Weight 300g, 20 units per box)
  • Pandan (Unit Weight 300g, 20 units per box)
  • Vanilla (Unit Weight 300g, 20 units per box)

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Chocolate, Marble, Pandan, Vanilla


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