Kewpie Dressing (Assorted)

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Introducing an exquisite lineup of KEWPIE Dressings, meticulously crafted to elevate your culinary creations. Each bottle is a flavor journey, carefully designed to complement a variety of dishes and inspire your culinary imagination.

  • KEWPIE Dressing Roasted Sesame: Immerse your salads, noodles, or grilled dishes in the rich, nutty essence of roasted sesame. A classic flavor that adds depth and sophistication to your creations.
  • KEWPIE Dressing Roasted Sesame Yuzu Taste: Experience the perfect fusion of roasted sesame and the citrusy zest of yuzu. A delightful twist that brings brightness to your dishes, making every bite a flavorful adventure.
  • KEWPIE Dressing Sesame Soy Sauce: A harmonious blend of sesame and soy sauce, creating a dressing that enhances the umami of your salads and Asian-inspired dishes. Elevate your culinary experience with this savory combination.
  • KEWPIE Dressing Hot Spicy: Ignite your taste buds with the fiery kick of the Hot Spicy dressing. Perfect for those who crave a bold and spicy flavor profile in their salads, wraps, or dipping sauces.
  • KEWPIE Dressing Caesar: Indulge in the classic richness of Caesar dressing, expertly crafted to bring that creamy, savory goodness to your salads and appetizers.
  • KEWPIE Dressing Thousand Island: A timeless favorite, the Thousand Island dressing brings together a medley of flavors, adding a tangy and sweet touch to your salads and sandwiches.
  • KEWPIE Dressing Creamy Spices: Unleash a burst of flavor with the Creamy Spices dressing. A perfect balance of creamy texture and spices that enhances the taste of your dishes with every drop.
  • KEWPIE Dressing Black Vinegar Onion: Imbue your dishes with the distinctive taste of black vinegar and the savory notes of onion. This dressing is a versatile companion, perfect for salads, stir-fries, and beyond.

Product size: 1000ml x 6 packets

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Roasted Sesame, Roasted Sesame Yuzu, Sesame Soy Sauce, Hot Spicy, Caesar, Thousand Island, Creamy Spices, Black Vinegar Onion


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