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Long Feng Premium 30 Years Bai Jiu (500ml)

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Description of Flavor
Pure, harmonious, balanced, soft, natural, graceful.

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Alcohol Percentage: 53%
Volume: 500ml
Products of China Liquor Pte. Ltd.
Minimally 4 years of Storage
Total Preparation Time: 5 Years

Introduction to Baijiu
Baijiu, literally translates as ‘white alcohol’, is the national drink of China. Some archaeological discoveries show that Baijiu was drank as far back as 7000BC, predates any recorded history. Baijiu is not only an important commodity but also very much engrained into China’s history, religion and customs, influencing every facet of its culture.

Benefits of Traditional Baijiu
While more grains and labor are needed, Baijiu produced traditionally have a multitude of advantages over newer methods of production.

No dry mouth, headaches, heartburn, stomach injury or liver injury when consuming traditional Baijiu.
More microorganisms found in traditional Baijiu. Deeper complexity of flavor and fragrance. Promotes muscle relaxation, spurs blood circulation, boosts metabolism, activate cells, improve microcirculation, and prolong life.

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