Korean Style Half & Half Corndog with Mozzarella Cheese

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Enjoy every bite of a crispy and delicious cheesy corn dog.

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This Korean corn dog is the most popular Korean street food. This delicious corn dog filled with crispy mozzarella cheese and chewy sausage. This ready-to-eat corn dog is very easy to cook, simply put it in a microwave and enjoy every bite of it.

  • Cheesy Taste
  • Crispy Texture
  • Delicious corn Dog
  • 400g/Packet Weight
  • 5pcs/Packet


  1. Remove the frozen hot dog packaging completely
  2. Please cook on a microwave plate
  3. For 700W: 1pc (1min), 2pcs (1min 40 sec),  3pcs (2min 30sec)
  4. For 1000W: 1pc (50min), 2pcs (1min 20sec), 3pcs (2min)


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