Korean Fried Rice (Bibimbap)

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Choose your favorite Korean rice to enjoy a delicious flavor.


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One of the most well known Korean dishes, Bibimbap is the fried rice dish topped with seasoned sautee vegetable, fried egg, marinated meat, and savory Bibimbap sauce. The sauce make this recipe delicious and awesome. Enjoy this soft and moister finished dish.

3 Flavours to choose from:

  • Kimchi Fried Rice (230g)
  • Japchae Fried Rice (230g)
  • Vegetable Bibimbap (230g)
Kimchi Fried Rice (230g):

Considered “Korean Comfort Food” kimchi fried rice made with rice and kimchi, O’Food Kimchi Fried Rice made with traditional Korean Kimchi by “Jongg”.

Japchae Fried Rice (230g):

Once considered as “Korean Royal Court Cuisine”. Japchae made with glass noodles, various vegetables, and soy sauce. O’Food Japchae Price Rice made with vegetarian-friendly ingredients.

Vegetable Bibimbap (230g):

Considered as  “Korean Traditional Cuisine”, made with rice, various vegetables, topped with gochujang sauce and sesame oil. It made with “Chung Jung One” Gochujang.

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Kimchi Fried RIce, Japchae Fried Rice, Vegetable Bibimbap


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