Japan Series

Ryori Sauce

200ml/bottleFrom JapanBottle Can Be Re-usedFlavours available:- Japanese Soy Sauce- Glazed Teriyaki ..


Buckwheat Noodles

300g/pktFrom Japan..


Chuka Idako Frozen (Seasoned Baby Octopus)

2kg/pktFrom JapanReady to eatIdeal for Appetizers or sides in BentoPairs well with Japanese Sake or ..


Chuka Wakame (Green Seaweed)

1 kg/pktFrom Japan Frozen and ready to eat Japanese Sesame SeaweedIdeal for Appetizers or sides..


Ito Kezuri

20g/pktFrom Japan..


Japanese Nobashi Prawns (Frozen)

20 pcs/pktFrom JapanThe frozen raw Nobashi prawns have been stretched, deveined, peeled and with tai..


Nama Udon (Frozen)



Shishamo (Frozen)



Sushi Ebi (Frozen)



Tempura Flour

700g/pktFrom Japan..


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