Frozen Seafood

Crab sticks/250gm

Crab sticks/250gm - per packet..


Spicy Korean Octopus Paste
20% off

Spicy Korean Octopus Paste


$15.00 $18.80

Chee'sy Fish Curd 芝士鱼豆腐

500g per pack, 20 Cheesey Fish Curd in a pack..


Cheese Cuttlefish Ball 芝士苏东圆

500g per pack, 20 Cheese Cuttlefish Ball in a pack..


Cuttlefish Ball 苏东圆

400g per pack. 20 Cuttlefish Ball in a pack..


Frozen Fried Fish Ball 炸鱼圆

1kg per pack, 43 Frozen Fried Fish Ball in a pack..


Lobster Flavoured Ball 龙虾味球

500g per pack, 20 Lobster Flavoured Ball in a pack..


Saba Kabayaki 300gm

Saba Kabayaki 300gram per packet..


Scallop Cheese Pizza

Scallop Cheese Pizza - 6 pcs per packet..


Seafood Tofu 海鲜豆腐

500g per pack, 25 Seafood Tofu in a pack..


Thai Style Fish Cake 泰式鱼饼

500g per pack, 20 Thai Style Fish Cake in a pack..


Unagi kabayaki

Unagi kabayaki220gram per packet..


Tempura Fish Cocktail

500gm per pack..


Tempura Fish Fillet

Price is per 3-5 pcs. Approx 425gm per carton..


Tempura Squid Ring

500gm per pack..


Mala Cooked Crawfish
14% off

Mala Cooked Crawfish

Usual price - $16.30. Promotion price $14.00750g/boxOrder 2 days in advanceCooking instructions:Remo..

$14.00 $16.30

Cheese Shrimp Paste
24% off

Cheese Shrimp Paste


$3.70 $4.90

Shrimp Paste
27% off

Shrimp Paste

Okeanoss Frozen Shrimp Paste (150g)..

$3.30 $4.50

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